In everyone’s day to day life, earning may be perceived as the hardest thing to do. Everyone thrives to earn money for different uses. After earning, the money must be put into use. Economists suggest that the more you earn the more you are likely to spend. Money is earned in small proportions. However, spending may require quite a large amount of money. That why saving is important. One need to accumulate money that will eventually satisfy a need. Imagine you want to have that fancy holiday upcountry or at your dream destination. The cost cannot be met with a one day hustle. You need to save. Saving is a very challenging task. It calls for self-discipline and self-control. How can one save up for a holiday?

Open a saving account


The first step when saving for anything is opening a savings account. The savings account enables you to meet your daily saving targets. Money in a saving account is not readily available for use. In other words, you cannot withdraw the money as you would have done in a current account. Remember also to open a current account if you did not have one. A current account enables you to deposit money that you will use for day to day expenses. One the day of the holiday the excess in the current account can also be added up to the holiday fund. Besides, you can consider a lock account. If you have a lump sum amount of money, you can lock the money for a specific duration of time.


Reduce unnecessary expenditure

In order for anyone to achieve a saving plan, one has to cut expenditure on some items that can wait. There are some expenditures that one incurs on a daily or a monthly basis. These expenditure can be reduced or completely canceled for the sake of saving. In the process of saving for a holiday you should not go for weekend tours. All luxury expenses should be cut by half. The extra money got from this foregone expenditure can be added up in the savings account.

Plan your expenditure

cfgcgfcfgfgcgfcgcfAs a measure to control your expenditure, fore planning is very important. Planning in advance helps you to avoid unwanted expenditure. The real essence behind planning is having your priorities right. One needs to list all the anticipated expenses. Then proceed to make a budget. After the budget one should measure his financial strength and ability to meet the budget. If one is not able to meet the budget plus the cost of the holiday, one should rank all the expenses. Ranking will ensure only the necessary expenses are catered for. The expenses at the bottom of the list can be done away with.