scuba diver

Scuba diving is one of the most enjoyable sports that there is. It is one of those sports that comes with its packed adventures and excitement. However, before you get all excited about it, it is important to be fully aware that just like any other sport, scuba diving carries its risks. Just like with most sports, injuries resulting from scuba diving exercises are not rare. Some are quite serious, and in some extreme cases, even death may result. This may make you pose and ponder on your decision to learn scuba diving. However, it should deter you from enjoying the sport as it easy. Most of the serious scuba accidents are as a result of a careless decision or lack of planning. With the right skills, proper planning, and ample preparation, there is little left to worry about and a lot to enjoy.

scuba divingScuba diving is one of those sports that are neither limited by age or gender; young and old, female and male alike can enjoy the sport. All that one need is to have the interest in the sport, and the rest will take care of itself. Well, it won’t because you will have to train and learn while at the same time have fun. Scuba diving is not an extreme sport which means that the risk of an accident is also slightly lower. According to statistics, most scuba diving accidents are as a result of poor training- inability to operate the scuba diving equipment or failure to understand the effects of deep water diving.

Steps to take for safe scuba diving

Get certified

Before you even purchase the equipment you need for scuba diving, you need to get certification from a reputable certifying agency. Being trained by a friend or a relative is out of the question unless they are professionally certified as trainers. Instructors are well versed and specially trained to handle challenging situations which an uncertified scuba diver may not be aware of.

Physical checkup

Just like other sports, scuba diving is a strenuous exercise. As such, you will need to be physically fit if you are to be good at it. If you have certain conditions like heart problems, it is not advisable to engage in this exercise; almost a quarter of all scuba diving fatalities are caused by heart-related problems. For those who are healthy but have not been exercising of late, it is recommended that they start off with light exercises to enable their bodies to adapt to the hard conditions that under water.

Don’t dive alone

scuba diversLastly, never scuba dive alone. This cannot be overemphasized. Scuba diving is a sport that is done in deep levels of the ocean. This means that if anything were to go wrong, drowning is inevitable as no one will see or hear you calling for help. It is therefore advisable to at least dive as a pair preferably with a person more experienced than you. The above are some few simple rules that may go a long way in ensuring that you enjoy your scuba diving experience safely. Adhering to them will go a long way in ensuring that no accidents happen.